Back Hurting Monday

I’ve had a very busy weekend!!! Saturday I ran all over bucks county, stopping for a fruit flavored water. I ended up buying a TV stand. After buying it I carried it up all by myself up to my apartment and rearranged my living room.


My tiny living room.

My tiny living room.

After doing the living room I had an organic soy vanilla pudding

IMG_3246 After eating and cleaning up I read some of my research papers I printed. At 6pm I headed over to Cate & Chris’s so hungout for a little while. I was starving so we ordered from a new chinese place. Chinatown Cafe which is in Langhorne. OMG IT WAS SO GOOD!!

Veggie dumplings, veggie fried rice, veggie egg roll & a fortune cookie

Veggie dumplings, veggie fried rice, veggie egg roll & a fortune cookie

 We left around 9:30 or so. When the rain stopped for a little bit. I came home and eat more because I was still hungry… but no picture. We layed around for a while and I fell asleep at some point.

Sunday I woke up and ran out to the store and did a few things before eating breakfast. I came home and had a bowl of cereal after waking Nick up to come with me to do Laundry. We had soooooooo much! We spent $35 on doing it all. I was suppose to have lunch with my friend Megan but it turned into Lunch/Dinner. So we were both doing things during lunch time.

Life cereal with soy milk & strawberries

Life cereal with soy milk & strawberries

We went to the Olive Garden In Willow Grove to meet with Megan, her boyfriend and her son. We had a great time! I look forward to doing it again really soon.

Tropical Sangra

Tropical Sangria

I had 3 glasses of this because it was so good!

I had 3 glasses of this because it was so good!

I have to plates of salad to 2 bread sticks

I have small two plates of salad with 2 bread sticks

I ordered fettucine alfredo... I wish i didn't because my stomach was killing me at the end of the night.

I ordered fettucine alfredo... I wish i didn't because my stomach was killing me at the end of the night.

After our lunch/ dinner we went to the store and rented a movie. I really didn’t get to watch it because I was so uncomfortable with my back hurting so badly that I fell asleep during it and when I woke up I went straight to bed.

When I woke up this morning my back was still very painful I had life cereal with strawberries and a side of watermelon. I’m so glad I work in a chiropractic office, it the best thing ever! I’m hoping my body feels better by the end of the day.



I have a lot of work to do. I just had a big plum to hold me over till lunch.


Now back to work.


Hope you have a great Monday!




Good morning!!! Yesterday I had a screening at work which my boss told me was at 10am so I should be there at 9:45am. I set my alarm for 8:30am and when I woke up I saw I had a text from Karen asking where the place is, I told her and said isn’t it suppose to be at 10 and she goes no 9!?!?!? So I rushed around stopped at Wawa and bought a pumpkin spice muffin and a power pack that I left in the car so I didn’t have that until after 1pm… it was basically my lunch.



After the screening I ran over to Target and bought a few things we needed around the house. I spend $75! Then I went over to TJ Max to look for a Phillies shirt. Of course I walked out spenting $60 when all I wanted was 1 shirt! They get you on them deals!! After shopping I ran home took the dog out and headed to my tutor. Who didn’t help me at all!!! After the tutor Nick & I went to the mall. We had dinner outside the movie theatre at this cute bar like restaurant. I got a tuna steak sandwich and it came with fries. It was sooo good!!! Loved it there was this spicy topping which just blew it out of the park . The picture’s didn’t turn out good because Nick was getting annoyed by me trying to get better lighting. O well.


IMG_3238& of course I also got a drink. I had a long island… it was super strong and I asked them to make it with cranberry and pineapple juice instead of cola and orange. I actually had our waitress bring over more juice because I was having a really hard time drinking it. The lower I got the harder it was to drink. 


After dinner we went and saw the new SAW  movie it was really good… not so scary it had a definite purpose. I liked it though. After the movie I basically went right to bed. 

This morning I made one of my favorite’s flax seed waffles with organic PB & organic grape preserve with fresh strawberries in the middle. YUM YUM!


I just got finished my lab in BIO. I was suppose to take the test today but I told my professor I’d take the test in the testing center later in the week since I didnt have anytime to study this whole week. I studied yesterday but there is no way I could of took the test today and passed it by only studying one day! I need to do research for my next speech and I plan on studying today and doing laundry plus cleaning the apartment! So lots to do. Tomorrow I’m meeting up with my old best friend. We’ve been friends since 4th grade! But we haven’t talked in like 2 years. So I’m excited to see her for lunch tomorrow!!! 🙂


Hope you have a great weekend!




Sushi for lunch

Salmon & avocado


Before lunch I had a piece of birthday cake 😉


& I just ate a few pieces of pineapple


Speech class tonight. I feel like skipping because I’d just like to go to bed!! I’m so sleepy.


Starting the day off right. Bought a Carmel Apple Spice from Starbucks & a multi grain bagel with cream cheese.



After I had to pick up the cake for my boss. Then run and put money in this thing for Nick cuz he didn’t have time to do it himself :-/. My boss was already in the office and surprised with all the decorations. We bought him really nice NFL beer glasses last Wednesday & they still haven’t been delivered !?!??! So as of today no gift other than the decoration, the cake & the card.

Nick wanted to go out to dinner so we went to On The Border & watched the Phillies while there.



I had 3 glasses of Sangria

I had 3 glasses of Sangria


3 Veggie taco

2 Veggie taco's, black beans & vegetarian rice


This for dessert. I didn't eat much, I didn't like it too sweet.
This for dessert. I didn’t eat much, I didn’t like it too sweet.

Then after dinner I came back to the office to decorate while listening to the Phillies on the radio.
I was done around 11pm got ready layed watched more of the game and fell sleep. My dad called in the morning Phillies won 11 /4 sooo goood!

Snack at work yesterday was a PB sandwich on rye & pineapple




I hope you have an awesome Thursday! Lots to do!

Too short

For lunch I had the rest of my amazing butternut squash pumpkin soup topped with pineapple pieces, cinnamon and nutmeg. I was still hungry so I made a few fish sticks with organic ketchup. Work is so busy! Today we have a 3 person report after I have to leave and wait for my boss to go home just to come back in and decorate for his birthday party were having tomorrow. No idea what’s for dinner.

Hope all is well!


Tea Wednesday

One of my first thoughts this morning was a carmel apple spice from starbucks 🙂 yummy. I made oatmeal with soy milk, organic pumpkin, oikes strawberry yogurt, udis granola and kiwi.

I’m so busy in the morning at work 😦 I gotta go. I wish I had more time to write have a great day!

New soup

Okay so I’m still working on my post for the weekend… I was busy at work all day and had no time to really sit down to add everything.

For dinner I tried something new a recipe I came up with. Butternut squash pumpkin soup. I used 1 medium butternut squash, half a can of organic pumpkin and about a half cup of vanilla soy milk I sautéd carrots, onion and garlic in EVOO. Then added the soy milk and the pumpkin and after heated through added the roasted squash. And ran in all through my blender because sadly I don’t have a food processor. Put it back on the stove for about a minute. Before eating I topped with cumin, cinnamon and a small handful of fresh chopped pineapple.

Dessert was a small bag of yummy popcorn :).

Heading to bed long day ahead of me tomorrow. Gotta stay late for a new patient report leave work and wait for my boss to leave and go back to decorate the office for he’s 30th birthday. Plus class during lunch and try and find time to study for my bio test saturday which I know nothing! 😦

G’ night!