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Hi blog world!!!

I’ve followed you, even though I stopped blogging.

I gave myself too much pressure to blog 3x a day with such a crazy schedule. I stopped and I shouldn’t I hadn’t. Once a day is better than not at all, I should of thought.

I’ve made changes in my life since 2009:
1. I now eat: turkey, chicken, fish, eggs, cheese, butter, and sometimes even ice cream!
2. I graduated from my community college May 19th 2011, with my associates in Elementary Education k-4th.
3. I’ve decided not to continue with that degree.
4. Instead, I’m going back to that same community college as a BIO major; I start tomorrow but I’ll only be taking 2 classes at a time. What’s my goal? I want to become a registered dietitian. Once I finish all the science classes, I’ll be changing my major once more, to Health & Physical Education, to pick up several other courses. Then, I’ll transfer to a 4 year college to finish my degree. I’m extremely excited to finally be doing something I have a passionate about!

However, I wont blog everyday, or weekly, unless I know I can blog the way I want to.

Just stay tuned, you’ll see me again soon!


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Time to stop

I’ve been really busy with school and I’ve decided until i have more time to do this I have to quit it for right now. Although I love getting on here and posting I just don’t have the time right now :(. But I will be back!!! 🙂

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OMG I gotta post

=[ i’ve been so busy with school & work I’ve had such a hard time posting! 😦

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I need to post

but it’s going to be long… and right now I don’t have the time 😦 later today maybe. If not tomorrow.

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Too Busy

I’ve been really busy the past two days I actually only have time to past this. I’ve taken pictures of all the food I’ve eaten I just don’t have time to talk about anything today. I have my speech today. Tomorrow I will update everything promise!


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I wrote a morning post on my blackberry this morning while i had a small break from class… and it just so happened it didn’t post :(. For some reason I wasn’t picking up an internet connection with my phone anywhere around campus so I guess I’ll try again!

This morning I realized I didn’t have my memory stick for my camera. Which I needed for my music class because last Friday we went to the art department and checkout other students art. Our assignment was to pick our favorite and write music to it. Of course I took a picture of the one I like the most because I wanted to be able to see it when I was composing. My professor asked me to take a picture of all the other students favorites. So, I thought I better run to work and get my memory stick out of the computer! I was stuck behind a bus the whole way there and running very late. My boss was actually at work locking up right as I wanted to run in. ” Wait done lock it!” He locked it and we had to wait a few extra  minutes to get in because of the alarm. So finally I ran in and ran out… as I thanked him for locking up.

My breakfast had to be at wawa since it’s on my way to school. I had a blueberry muffin (what a mess) a red apple (that I didn’t eat until 2pm) and an ice coffee.

Come to notice their (wawa’s) counter tops look just like the ones we have at work… lol. Once I finally found a parking spot way out in space and arrive in class…hardly anyone was there :-o!!!! Back to my main point. I thought my professor was going have everyone share what they made today. Nope. I’m surprised because we normally only take 1 class to prepare, which we had.

Last night’s dinner had to be super quick because I had class… but I leave work early to get to class on time (hardly ever one time actually).  I tired AMY’S stuff shells. They were soooooo good :). So quick and easy to make & I like it what a plus haha.

After my very boring class I came one and cut fresh pineapple. I add a somewhat sundae with it. Honey Granola Frozen Yogurt with fresh pineapple a few raspberries and a little extra granola (udi’s). I loved every bit of it :). Then I called it an early night and went to sleep.

Right now I’m at work (on my day off) getting paperwork done that I’ve tried to get done all week but things kept getting in my way of doing them.

Before I came in I made a tuna & swiss sandwich. I added white onion, garlic powder & black pepper to the tuna. I placed to slices of swiss cheese on each slice of marble rye bread and topped the tuna with sweet butter lettuce & spouts with a side of crispysnaps =).

Now gotta get back to this paperwork!


Have a great day!


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Gotta upload

I just wrote a post on my blackberry and I have no internet in school but complete service?!?! I’ll have to try and post it later I guess…. the pics i took are on my phone so that’s why I was writing it on there instead of sitting at a  computer.

After 2pm it should be up. Fingers crossed 🙂

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