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Arrived at the retreat on time & I didn’t get lost ūüôā !So far it’s been really good not a dull moment at all. I’m surprised really. Here’s some pictures of the room we have. It’s super cute and much much much better than the bunk beds we had last year with 8 other girls. Just me and Karen sharing this room (my co-worker).

By the time it was dinner i was starving! Dinner was at 6:30pm and we had about 45 minutes¬†to eat.¬† it was buffet style I had broccoli¬†and cheese ravioli, veggies and small salad a dinner roll and caned pears ūüôā


Dessert was a whole other ball game!!! This had to be one of the best desserts I’ve ever had!
I had half of a slice and this cheese cake that had an apple on it which tasted amazing. THEN the best one i had was¬†a half of a slice of cranberry pumpkin cheese cake… IT WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD. I should have taken a whole slice instead ūüėČ


After dinner we had another class and then we headed out to the bon fire. It’s super cold out tonight I stayed outside for hmm about 45 minutes. I had 1 smore¬†and 2 roasted marshmallows & now I’m here typing. It’s 11:30 almost and tomorrow we have to be up at 5:45am to meet at 6am to go for a run. YUP A RUN AT 6AM!!! yikes!! haha

Here’s a picture of my boss doing on of the fun activities we had tonight. The group I was in actually won :).



So as i said I’m having a pretty good time. I’m glad I came now only will this help me at work but it will help me at home to. That’s what I look forward to the most. Bringing more love and happiness home to help my relationships outside of work and improve the relationship between Nick and I.


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Sushi for lunch

Salmon & avocado


Before lunch I had a piece of birthday cake ūüėČ


& I just ate a few pieces of pineapple


Speech class tonight. I feel like skipping because I’d just like to go to bed!! I’m so sleepy.

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Starting the day off right. Bought a Carmel Apple Spice from Starbucks & a multi grain bagel with cream cheese.



After I had to pick up the¬†cake for my boss. Then run and put money in this thing for Nick cuz he didn’t have time to do it himself¬†:-/. My boss was already¬†in the office and¬†surprised with all the decorations. We bought him¬†really nice¬†NFL beer glasses last Wednesday & they still haven’t been delivered !?!??! So as of today no gift other than the decoration, the cake & the card.

Nick wanted to go out to dinner so we went to On The Border & watched the Phillies while there.



I had 3 glasses of Sangria

I had 3 glasses of Sangria


3 Veggie taco

2 Veggie taco's, black beans & vegetarian rice


This for dessert. I didn't eat much, I didn't like it too sweet.
This for dessert. I didn’t eat much, I didn’t like it too sweet.

Then after dinner I came back to the office to decorate while listening to the Phillies on the radio.
I was done around 11pm got ready layed watched more of the game and fell sleep. My dad called in the morning Phillies won 11 /4 sooo goood!

Snack at work yesterday was a PB sandwich on rye & pineapple




I hope you have an awesome Thursday! Lots to do!

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New soup

Okay so I’m still working on my post for the weekend… I was busy at work all day and had no time to really sit down to add everything.

For dinner I tried something new a recipe I came up with. Butternut squash pumpkin soup. I used 1 medium butternut squash, half a can of organic pumpkin and about a half cup of vanilla soy milk I saut√©d carrots, onion and garlic¬†in EVOO. Then added the soy milk and the pumpkin and after heated through added the roasted squash. And ran in all through my blender because sadly I don’t have a food processor. Put it back on the stove for about a minute. Before eating I topped with cumin, cinnamon and a small handful of fresh chopped pineapple.

Dessert was a small bag of yummy popcorn :).

Heading to bed long day ahead of me tomorrow. Gotta stay late for a new patient report leave work and wait for my boss to leave and go back to decorate the office for he’s 30th birthday. Plus class during lunch and try and find time to study for my bio test saturday which I know nothing! ūüė¶

G’ night!

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I’m in my music technology class so I thought I’d quickly put what I’ve eaten the past 2 days.

IMG_3043Apple while working on my speech Wednesday

Went to the movies

IMG_3044Small sprite

IMG_3045Shrimp, Fries, 2 hush puppies. I couldn’t decide what I wanted at the food court so I probably bought the worse things possible. In the shortest but longest line there. I hate when you get the slowest person behind the counter. I brought it into the movie theater (in my purse) ūüôā and proceeded to put ketchup on the lid ( that had holes, where I didn’t realize there was holes) after several minutes I picked it up and there you have it… ketchup allllllll over my jeans!!! I actually laughed about it because what are the chances that would happen. We saw couples retreat. It was weird but funny. The whole time I’m thinking okay what couple are we, should we be that couple, is it bad were more like this couple. lol But I had a lot of good laughs. I also had more soda… Root beer & Reese pieces ūüôā¬† but no picture because it was in between the movie.

Thursday I was back to work and this is what I made in the morning

Oatmeal with strawberries blueberries, organic pb & udi's granola

Oatmeal with strawberries blueberries, organic pb & udi's granola

It was a rainy rainy cold bitter day yesterday. Perfect kind of a day for a hot Starbucks coffee! Carmel Maccioto (I probably spelt that totally wrong) & they had a free sample of pumpkin muffin with cream cheese that I had at 8:30am

On a mac I don't know how to rotate this

On a mac I don't know how to rotate this

During lunch I had a great time! I walked Bates in the rain… for a very short time because he wasn’t having it and then we went inside and played ball inside the house. I would throw the ball over the stair case and he would push it throw the beams to give it back. At one point the ball must of went into the bathroom so he came out with pants covering his head while trying to give the ball back to me. It was soooo funny I was dying of laughter.

After all the fun and games I had to run to get lunch I went to Panera Bread and bought a tomato mozzarella sandwich with tomato soup and a red apple¬† that I didn’t have until 4pm.

IMG_3058Work was very interesting yesterday we had a lot of laughs but one I didn’t like very much my boss low blowed me yesterday… even if I thought it was funny… I still think it was messed up and not professional. I was full from lunch so I didn’t actually have a “dinner” in the middle of my speech class I had a pear.IMG_3059Oh about my speech, I did really good. It was 6 minutes long ( had to be between 5-6 minutes) and after my professor said very good job so… I’ll take a complement when I cam get it. After class I returned home and made a small bag of popcorn and ate it all up ūüôā while watching Grey’s Anatomy.

This morning Nick told me he didn’t have work¬† as we’re trying to think of something we can do together. After speaking with him I had to leave for class I went to the cafe for breakfast.

Rye bread with egg in the middle & tots

Rye bread with egg in the middle & tots

I only ate the one slice of bread because I found a small hair on the other that wasn’t mine and not all the tots because they were gross…. that’s what I get for eating at school I guess.

Well gotta get back to the music. Hope your Friday goes well! I’ll write back soon.

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Good mood Monday

I started off the morning in a really good mood. Dancing around with my dog laughing with my boyfriend. Enjoying the cold weather while taking my dog for a walk. I made a warm breakfast for this morning to warm me up a little. Oatmeal with organic PB, granola & raspberries.


Sadly once I walked into work my “happiness” was done. I don’t know what it is but man did I go from a high to a low real quick without intending to. It’s going to be a very busy day¬†loaded with new patients and reports also,¬†class during lunch.¬†

Last night was the season finally for Drop Dead Diva ūüôā It was soooooooo good! The ending was a huge surprise I can’t wait for it to return!!!!!

Dinner last night was from a chinese place across from the laundry mat. I¬†order vegetable chow-fun noodles which I don’t think the noodles were “chow-fun” more like angel hair if you ask me. But¬†it was still very good! I’m also going that have the rest of the noodles for lunch today.



¬†Last night I had dessert ūüôā the rest of my frozen yogurt ( honey, granola) I added extra granola and raspberries.


 Have a wonderful Monday!


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Easy day

¬†I’ve had a super busy weekend & with the lack of internet in my apartment I haven’t had time to¬†post!¬†Currently I’m at Barnes & Nobles to post and to do research for my speech Thursday. This morning I slept in a little. When I woke I was ready to get things done.¬†I ran to the dollar store… bought the paper, and some cleaning items, new pet bowls & a cute little hoodie for Snickers lol. Before running out the door I had a slice of marble rye bread with organic PB & Jelly. Then I was off.

When I returned home I cleaned like a mad woman. Sunday is my only day off of work and school so Sundays are my day to straighten up, even though it should be my day to¬†do nothing… it’s not.¬†After cleaning I¬†dressed¬†Snickers¬†in the little¬†green hoodie I found at the dollar store.¬†Now heres a few¬†of the pictures¬†haha.

Snickers & Toby

Snickers & Toby

I love my mommy!

I love my mommy!

I can smile just like you! :)

I can smile just like you! ūüôā

After cleaning and taking pictures with Snickers I made a veggie sandwich. Avocado, cucumber, tomato, sweet butter lettuce, american cheese, italian dressing on a short roll with a side of crispsnappeas.


Yesterday was busy busy busy. I woke up and had a bowl of Life cereal with raspberries.

I had class at 8am found out my grade from our test the week before… not good… not good at all :(.When class was over I ate pineapple while driving.

¬†At 12pm I had a screening for work outside of Kmart. It was freezing and really windy. Before going I ran to Bunn’s it’s a cute little natural food store on Street Road. I bought these vegetarian wraps (I ate 1 at 4pm) this Luna Bar SunRise¬†(1st time ever having it and it was awesome!!!)¬†also¬†I had this tea… the taste was too strong and it took me allllll day to finish it because I wasn’t a fan.

Check this cool scene the firemen set up. I thought it was crazy.

Then a helicopter landed

Once we were all set up I had a pretzel with mustard.

Then about an hour or so later I had a half of a slice of white pizza

After the screening I cashed my check which oh I forgot to mention I lost!!!! My boss had to void the old check and then wrote me a new one thankfully! After cashing my check I went to this little book store and decided not to buy anything. Instead I went to ACME and bought things for dinner. Dinner was simple I bought Nick 2 crab cakes, me 2 salmon cakes & asparagus. Although while cooking I messed up the 4 cakes so Nick actually ate my¬†salmon cakes and I his. By the time I realized he already downed my dinner! Why he didn’t realize I don’t know because I told him the 2 crab cakes I bought were hot¬†and spicy. Once¬†I took a bite I realized right away I was eating the wrong ones. I also made corn on the cod but I took the corn off of¬†the cob haha and drank¬† a glass a green tea.


IMG_2909After dinner we watched Twitch’s it’s a movie on Disney haha & after they aired Twitch’s 2. While watching¬†Twitch’s 2 I had a hot bowl of oatmeal with udi’s granola, peanut butter, jam & organic apple sauce with cinnamon¬†ūüôā soo yummy because I was freezing under the blankets.


Friday’s dinner was an organic PB & J with raspberries in the middle and¬†a side of pineapple.



Now I have to do research ūüė¶

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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